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Miata Dashboard Hanger

This simple idea will add extra space to your dash by creating "wings" that hang out of the cubby (or whatever it's called) under your radio. These wings will allow you to hang light items or (using a spring clip) hang maps, route notes etc. The cubby is still fully useable and the hanger can be removed in seconds (I never leave mine in unless I'm using it....I consider it ugly and practical). Cost of the hanger is ~zero and weight is less than an ounce. This is the type of item you could make for a single use and throw away afterward (I've used mine for several short trips and find it pretty handy). Probably could adapt this idea to other cars too.The "hanger" uses a thin piece of aluminum sheet about 17 inches long by 1 1/2 inches tall. Fourteen gage material will work will a double thickness of roofing flashing....even light gage steel would work OK. Make bends as shown in the sketch can do this is a vise or against a square piece of wood.

The sketch below shows the top view....note that the inner bends are about 100 degrees....this will provide a "spring action" to hold the hanger in place. When pressed into the cubby, the hanger will bend in to about 90 degrees. A small bend (in) at the end of the hanger wings can be made (but isn't shown here)....this can be used to hold a rubber band from slipping off.

The photo below shows the hanger as bent. The 6" ruler is included in the picture to provide an idea of the overall size (the radio shown will be hung from one of the wings). The spring clip on the right wing could be used to hold maps, etc.

Here (below) is the hanger completed but uninstalled. I wrapped black plastic electrical tape around it, to prevent scratching the plastic in the car. The item on the left is a "family radio" . The item on the right is a $100 Magellan Pioneer GPS (a newer version of this called the "330" comes with a street map CD for about $250 and is really amazing....see I hold the GPS in place with a rubber fine.


Here's the hanger (with radio and GPS) in the car (below).




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