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If you're not satisfied with an "off-the-shelf" roadster, here's some great sources for "Do-It-Yourself" sports cars.  A good number of them are British cottage-industry concerns.


http://www.wcmultralite.comWorld Class Motorsports....a newer Texas-based builder of Lotus 7-type cars, available with motorcycle engines, or automotive engines (such as the Honda S2000 drivetrain). A very slick-looking modern version of a classic. The "Locost"....a neat concept. A DIY Lotus 7 using a book and various suppliers. Build the entire car from scratch (and save a huge amount of money) or buy sub-assemblies from various suppliers. Lots of discussion groups and forums on the web for "locost" (try a Google-search to find the latest ones). There is also a "Locost 11" in the works. Excellent Cobra kits plus a Cobra Daytona coupe and Seven clone. Five Cobra kits and rolling chassis.    High-quality Cobras    Cobra and Lancia Stratos replica sports car, plus MGB components    four wheel motorcycle-type sports car    Porsche 356 and 550 replicas    The largest producer of latter-day Lotus 7 variants    Builder of older Ginetta cars   Motorcycle-powered lightweights    Lotus 7 and Cobra clones    Lotus Europa replicas    Nice V-6 Sports Car    value-priced classic roadsters    Lotus 7 clones (some motorcycle-powered)    Lola T70 and Cobra kits    classic roadsters (some Miata based)    3 and 4 wheel sports cars    Ford GT40 replicas    Austin Healey 3000 replicas (site may have problems)    THE sports car company    The CLASSIC sports car builder    Ferrari P4 replicas    MG "T" series replicas    FAST cars    Jaguar XK replicas    Austin Healey 3000 replicas    Welsh roadster    Triumph motorcycle-powered cars    Extensive line of Lotus 7 replicas    Various Lotus 7 kits    3-wheel Morgan clones    Long-time GT and roadster builder nice Lotus Seven designs, some using partial monocoque design. From Nottingham , of course.    Group C supercar clones    1930's style roadsters    Jaguar SS100 replicas Lotus 7 plus touring and sportsracer longtime builder of Lotus 7 clones, plus a car that looks like the Panoz LeMans racer Lotus 7s Jaguar C Type replicas Huge selection.Bugeye (Frogeye) replicas, Speedsters, Mini convertibles Ford RS200 and other stuff. Ferrari clones Not being built anymore...but I wish someone would start them up again! Futuristic-looking cars Cobra and Ferrari clones Unusual-looking cars South African Lotus 7 clones Jaguar and Gemini clones    The REAL AC maker. Cobras naturally.

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