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Vanderbilt Centennial Vintage Event-Nassau County, NY-2004
Vanderbilt Centennial Vintage Event-Nassau County, NY-2004
Photos by Nial McCabe(Go EMRA Racing!)

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A 1903 Pope that ran in the original event! Cobra and Mustang An old Cop Car The EMRA Display area
Various EMRA cars on display Eric K holding court with the drivers An old Fulton truck that belongs to the Aviation museum….parked on hill for easy “bump” start! A Shelby GT-350H (the “H” is for Hertz Rent-A-Car)
Cars lined up for the start A nice old Lotus and Mini Lotus and big Healey lined up The “office” in an old Lotus sports-racer
A real beauty from Colin Chapman’s factory Mini, Mini and…..Lola T70! An old Norton-powered formula car. 500cc Class, I think. My car….1500 Spridget
A nice line up of cars A real Offy motor! Mini and Mustang….must be the “M” class.
Two Go Karts…..sort of… The mighty Pope engine….sounded great, especially for being 100 years old! Pretty little formula car with Brit-bike engine (Norton) A second Offy-powered Midget
The Offy engine….a real piece of artwork! Mini parade. Note the roof rack on the first car. This nice MB-McLaren has a sticker price of $453,000! Rumored to be Serial #1 of these cars. A nice line of classic Brits
The Lola is a bit sleeker than a Mini! Mini City Ford’s 40 inch-high racer….the GT-40 Some nice, classic Brits
Nice dogs and fast cars….a great combo! The maxi and the mini A handsome ALFA Cooper boots
A super-nice 1903 Caddy that seemed to idle at about 50 RPM Nial McCabe's HomePage