The "45" eZee Steam Engine

Here's a nice, simple oscillating steamer that is simple to build and does not require a lot of material. The "45" comes from the angle of the frame relative to the base. A nice piece of hardwood could be substituted for the aluminum base if preferred.

As with all these oscillating engines, the sliding surface of the cylinder and the frame must be very smooth against each other. I usually use toothpaste to "lap" (or "smooth") these sliding surfaces together. Be sure to flush all grit off the engine before running. A small amount of light oil (or even WD-40) will help before the first run of the engine. Try about 20 psi of air to begin with.


Five "45" engines above (some still have layout bluing on them)


Here's a happy group of recent students with their "45s".

The basic print (above) provides all information needed to build this engine.

For a much better (and clearer) print of the "45" eZee engine, please click on the link below:

For a neat steam animation, please click on the link below:

G'luck with this project!