Aerial Views of Cranberry Lake

Aerial Views of Cranberry Lake, NJ and surrounding areas.

Above:Rt 206 & Cranberry Lake.Bridge & clubhouse are visible.

Thanks for visiting my aerial photo page. Most of the pictures were taken from my Aeronca, with some from a J-3 Cub. The pictures were generally taken with a Casio digital camera (but in some cases, are scanned images of photos from a "throwaway" 35 mm film camera). I took most of these photos while a friend did the flying (or sometimes visa-versa). I also have several hours of VHS video....I hope to post some of this in "avi" format at some point. This is simply a hobby website, inspired by a friend who had a lot of old sports car racing photos; when I saw that he had posted them, I realized that I might have some interesting shots "sitting around in shoeboxes". Posting them seemed like a fun idea. Some pictures may be slightly bigger than your computer screen, so you may have to "scroll" the photos up and down or left to right. There are many aircraft owners and flight schools locally, that would be willing to give you an aerial tour of the Sussex County area. If you are not sure who to contact, I would suggest Andover Flight Academy at 973-786-6554. This is an excellent flight school with a great safety record. The cost of a one-hour flight would be minimal and it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Bring your camera!Please e-mail the address of this site to others who may be intersted and feel free to e-mail me with comments at:--- or sign the guest book at the bottom of this page. ---Also, you may wish to view my main web page at:--

Cranberry Lake pictures:

#1: Old side of Cranberry Lake on left. South Shore Rd, to the right

#2: Pilot's view of Strawberry Point

#3: Another view of Strawberry Point

#4: Strawberry Point from another view--Old lake on left.

#5: Weaver House Cove and boat dock

#6: Another view of Weaver House Cove

#7: Weaver House Heights with old lake on right

Other local pictures:

#1: Aeroflex Airport,Andover--note that runway is located between 2 lakes (exciting!

#2: Pilot's view of Aeroflex "2 lakes straight ahead"--Propellor-arc is visible.

#3: BASF and Rt. 80--Good view of the roofs…. that's the aircraft tire in the upper right part of the photo.

#4: Farmstead Golf Course in Andover--A Fall picture (judging by the foliage).

#5: Andover Police Station and Lake Iliff--You can also see the playground.

#6: Andover A&P and Fire Dept.--Also Pharmacy, post office, etc. Note the unusual shape of the A & P building. That's the wing strut in the picture (it's in a lot of these photos).

#7: Another view of BASF

#8 Bertrand's Island in Lake Hopatcong

#9: Budd Lake--Looks "browner" than other local lakes. Rt. 46 is at the top of the photo with the police station at the top-right.

#10: Byram Intermediate School and Byram Police--Also municipal complex and tennis courts

#11: Byram Shop Rite on Rt. 206--Just before it opened.

#12: NJ Cardinals Skylands Stadium--I have a great video of this too…hope to post it as "avi" format at some point.

#13: Waterloo Village Concert Field--Stage on the right.

#14: Another view of Lake Hopatcong

#15: Center of Hackettstown--Center of Hackettstown (Rt 46 and Waterloo Rd. intersection) The Hess station is just about in the center of the picture.

#16: Hackettstown Hospital--In the upper-right part of the photo. The homes are part of a recent development.

#17: Hensyn Village in Budd Lake--In the upper part of the picture.

#18: Newton (Jump) Airport--Springdale Auction is at far end of runway on the left. The yellow wing-strut indicates this was taken from a J-3

#19: Lafayette Village--In the upper-right part of the photo.

#20: Lenape Valley High School--Seen in the upper-center part of the photo.

#21: Netcong--Netcong Circle is in the right-center part of the picture. Netcong Shop Rite is in the upper-center edge of the picture (black roof).

#22: Newton High School and track--Track is clearly seen in the upper-right.

#23: Newton Hospital--Seen partly cut-off in the upper-right side of the picture.

#24: Newton Shop Rite--Center of the photo.

#25: Perona Farms

#26 Rt. 80 and Waterloo Village--Village is in the upper-right; you can see the church spire.

#27: Sussex County College--Center-right of the photo.

#28 Sussex County Fairgrounds (empty at time of photo)

#29 Sussex County Vo-Tech School

#30: Lake Tranquility and Trinca Airport--Trinca Airport (upper-center of photo) has a grass runway and is a very peaceful old-time rural airport. It was in this spot 60+ years before the new houses in the lower-right appeared. These kinds of airports are great to have in your neighborhood because Federal rules prevent excess development near them…airplanes in these grass-strip airports tend to be slow and quiet. A rumor spread that the airport was going to be turned into a "jet-port" with huge commercial jet aircraft flying in and out. This was completely ridiculous, but unfortunately, some of the locals (mostly folks new to the area) fell for this rumor and started a "No Jets In Tranquility" campaign. The airport looked like it would be closed, with developers licking their lips as they considered "improvements" to the existing land (high-occupancy housing, strip mall, cell-tower, etc.). Fortunately, town officials decided to buy the property and retain Trinca in it's present state. This is a neat and special place; visit it (and bring your kids, if you have any). More open space and a kinder, gentler part of old-time rural America would have been lost if the "bad guys" were allowed finish off Trinca.

#31: Waterloo Concert parking lot and local quarry--The parking lot (upper-center of the photo) is often used to fly radio-controlled model planes…..have to watch out for them if we fly low in this area.

#32: Weston Hotel in Trade Zone (near Rt. 80)--Partly cut-off in right-center of photo.

#33: An old picture of a miniature steam train taken in 1903 Added this just for fun-taken around 1903, the Cranberry Lake miniature railroad was a popular attraction for city visitors

Andover Flight Academy:Located in Aeroflex Andover Airport

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