30 Degree Oscillating Steam Engine

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This simple oscillating engine has a cylinder canted at a 30 degree angle. The bore is 5/16", which is a bit bigger than many of the other engines here. Exhaust is relieved through the cutaway area in the lower frame-area. A good way to improve this engine is to polish the rubbing area between the cylinder and the frame, using toothpaste. The spring is used to hold the cylinder against the frame: the hinge bolt and nut should be adjusted to the lightest setting that will allow the engine to run. A hose coupler must be built to connect to the 1/4"-20 threaded air inlet hole: we took a small piece (about 1" long) of threaded rod (1/4"-20) and drilled an 1/8" hole in it. We smoothed one end to allow a rubber air-supply hose to slip over easily. Normal air pressure for this engine is 5 to 30 psi.